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Kadillac Kolors is the result of years of Eric Perfect spending many days and nights experimenting with various pigments and methods of mixing them for the use of tattooing! Bringing his customers the most long lasting and brightest colors available. After spending over 25 years developing these time tested methods, Eric Perfect has decided to share this one secret with his fellow tattooers. All colors available are made of the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you are using the best quality inks available in our craft today! These colors are not mass produced, each batch is handmade by the man himself in order to keep an eye on the quality of each and every bottle that is delivered to you, the tattooer. Patience, care and a love for great tattoos are the main ingredients in every bottle. Eric Perfect has spent the last 28 years representing tattooing with nothing but care and quality and an undying love for tattooing! The Kadillac Tattoo name is proof of the dedication he’s had for this craft the past 25 years and now, so does KADILLAC KOLORS!! Don’t settle for Tattoo products that aren’t made for tattooers by tattooers, who knows better than the best of us? A faceless corporation??!! I think NOT!! Kadillac Kolors, Tattoo Colors for tattooers by tattooers, accept no substitutes!! Thank You, Eric Perfect 2018

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